The steady rest needs a bracket to be mounted on in the machine. The bracket can often be provided by the machine dealer, but if necessary we can provide the bracket or adaptor plate. To be able to design a complete bracket we need the following dimensions:

  • Distance between turning center and door
  • Distance between turning center and the machine bed
  • Complete dimensions of the machine bed



Air pressure amplifier
We have throughout the years made steady rests with extra big cylinder when customers want drive the steady rest by pneumatics, to compensate for the low system air pressure that usually is provided. Today we offer an alternative to the enlarged cylinder – An external air pressure amplifier. This makes it possible to use a standard steady rest and still get the same clamping force as with hydraulics.


Special bearings / Diamond shoes
We often make steady rests equipped with custom made bearings. 

  •  Rubber coated bearings to minimize the imprint on the work piece  
  • Cambered rollers for traveling steady rests 
  • Pads of diamond or hardened metal

To prevent chips to come between the rollers and the work piece we offer two different kinds of wipers. One wiper that’s adjusted manually to the size of the work piece (upper picture) and another that is self adjusting (lower picture).